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2017 Coe1 annauniv edu,coe2 annauniv edu Anna university results May-June[Declared]

Coe1 annauniv edu,coe2 annauniv edu, anna university results May-June 2017

                                         coe1 Anna university results for  UG/PG May-June 2017                                                                                                                                                       
                            Coe1 annauniv home   Image result for gif arrow png Anna university results

 Anna University results for 2nd,4th,6th,8th Semesters UG/PG  of May-June 2017 B.E/B.Tech -Check now

Finally the anna university home declared the results of the semester examination May-June 2017 and this Updated information is from the Controller of Examination .After the paper correction students are waiting very eagerly towards the results.Its an information that Anna university 8th semester result has been declared in the 2nd week of June. Our anna university server is well improved then the last time.

3 mirror server is implemented for the result database this tells that candidate can check the anna univ results without any delay .Our team is ready to help you about your clarification in queries and results just comment below or mail to us.

The results is also updated through the portal coe2 annauniv edu ,aucoe annauniv edu,Students should use the students login  to get the exact result and another login part is only for the Au affiliated colleges.The links provided by our team will be useful just like and use those links.   
" Students are requested to reload the webpage if it shows any error and also wait until the page get completely  loaded "

Coe2 annauniv edu with www.annauniv.edu

The coe1 and coe2 both are the anna university authenticate portal which is used by the students and the affiliated AU colleges.Before the introduce of this portal their  is an struggle for all the candidate to get the result in a short time.So,the Controller of Examination office report about this obstacle to the Au.In a certain period this two new portal are available for the candidate to view all updates with an unique login id.

      Students login : Anna University results without Date of Birth for UG/PG Update from Anna Univ Home -Check here         

  Anna university results May-June 2017

  Chennai ,Madurai,Trichy,Coimbatore,Tirunelveli of 2017  


Anna university mba results 2017-Check now
Anna university results May-June 2017

AU updates will announced here and you will have notification from our site when you follow us.Anna university results is available just enter the register number above and hit the button get results.Then the result will be displayed on our device if any error occur just comment in the below text box.

Our site is one of the anna university associated site so our updates are related to only anna university and its an direct update from the Au.The result may delay due to server our students requested to reload the page again.Our Anna univ server is capable of handling less traffic and load and candidate should wait until the page get loaded completely.The portal they used are aucoe.annauniv.edu and coe1,coe2 this are the authenticate portal check the results from here we provide an direct links.

Anna University Revaluation results 

An good step taken by the anna university is revaluation process it was introduced based on the students encouragement.When the anna university results get announced by the controller of examination ,students use one of the authenticate portal to visit their profile.After results get by an student if any of them is unsatisfied by their Grade which means an unexpected(negative result) or failed in exam,so  they can apply for the revaluation.

Click here-Anna University Revaluation procedure  Image result for new gif

The revaluation procedure are very simple and to have knowledge about revaluation click the above link.For some reason the students apply for it to get a better grade and its an fact that the revaluation result will always in a positive manner so candidate can  hopefully apply for the revaluation to boost your cgpa.

After that wait for the result ,students will have published lastbenches.com and you can see the anna university revaluaiton results from here by clcik this link below.Follow us to get all the notification from here and we working with anna university so all the updates are same and in user friendly manner.

Anna univ results?

#3 types of method

Coe1 annauniv edu and Coe2 portal

The top level authenticate portal of anna university to check the results and more details about the examination like internal assessment marks,profile,Exam timetable.In this there are two login part is present ,for students there will be an Students login and for the affiliated colleges of Au there is an separate login.

You have question that how create id in that particular but the fact is that your login id is automatically created coe with the help of register number and date of birth.This login id is an unique id for everyone so the interruption get avoided.

Image result for coe1

1.Go to the coe1 website by clicking  the above link ,if it shows any error reload and wait until the page completely loaded.Comment us when you need help about queries. 
2.Then login into the students login with your valid register number and date of birth
3.Enter the Captcha in the text box
4.Finally hit login button and navigate to get the results



Aucoe portal is one of the Anna university results featured portal and this website has an advantage that the student can check their result without entering the  date of birth.

     1.Go the site by pasting this URL: aucoe.annauniv.edu
     2.Then you will move to login page and enter the register number
     3.You are all set hit login button and get result

  • Our team provide you the best performance and your clarification of result will be higher when you access lastbenches.com
  • All the updates of Anna university is available here and this an user friendly portal Anna university.
  • Our team also suggest to use www.annauniv.edu regarding to result but sometimes it may show err\or.In such case use www.lastbenches.com
  • Need any help from anna university Telphone : 044-22357264/22357265 : Fax : 044-22301134 / 22350291
  • Students can contact the above landline number to clarify your confusion 

Anna university results

  As per anna university results term the result date will be announce first before the result get establish and the our site is also following the manner when are updating our content .The date for each event will be updated here so students please stay connected with us.The paper correction update is also done here with some important features.One of the important thing students need to know is that this time we update our server and additional servers are added to boost up the speed of coe1 and coe2.

Coe1 annauniv edu and coe2 anna univ edu Anna university result May-June 2017

Here are the updates related to us and students check all this which are recommended by Au to boost up your CGPA Anna university 2nd,4th,6th,8th semester results -check now and this link will be more useful to check result especially for the even semester.Anna university revaluation results-check now and coe1 Internal assessment mark-check now .The above updates are important links need to check by the students.

If students have any confusion about the results please go through  the below links to have clarity of anna university examination process and there is an lot of changes in the revaluation process students should be aware of this kind of obstacle

Mirror 1 | Mirror 2

Anna university results for the 2nd,4th,6t,8th Semester May-June 2017

UG portal | PG portal

The above two portal of UG and PG is useful to check their results quickly in a fast manner and the advantage is that the odd semester results also seen through this links and if you had any doubts regarding to this just comment below on the text box or contact us through gmail.

The anna university revaluation procedure for UG/PG  and the anna university revaluation results linksare available here

Information about anna university

Anna university examination are connducted twice in a year and you can check the result from an authenticate portal and students can see the result from here and our team provide the best experience to you.

One of the top university in india and tamilnadu which is called Anna university. Unique semester patterm followed by anna university and this is an well planned structure  .In affiiated college of AU the semester examination are conducted twice in a year and students can check the result after paper correction.
The announcement of the exam result will be change because of some unexcepted situation occur and this may be cleared then anna university announce the correct date.
Internal assessment details can be viewed by the anna university students from here by using this link the semester result are depend upon the internal assessment,so you need to attend your practical in a good manner. 

Grade system of Anna university

The rate of the anna university  students results depends upon their grade,anna university maintain a unique grade inorder to differentiate the result categories .Every six month  the semester examination are conducting in the anna university  .There are two things important in the result one is Credit points and another is Grade .The Credit points various which depends on the subject and 1,2,3,4,6,12 this are the credit points.Grades Provided by the anna university are S,A,B,C,D,E,I,U,W.

S grade-The marks is between  90-100

A grade-The marks is between  80-90

B grade-The marks is between  70-80

C grade-The marks is between  60-70

D grade-The marks is between  50-60

E  grade-The mark is between   40-50

U  grade-Failed in examination

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