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Anna university results 2017-www.annauniv.edu

Anna university results 2017- www.annauniv.edu

www.annauniv.edu-Anna university results 2017 visit today & find more Results ,Easy to Search quick & simple  in our lastbenches.com with our co-portal coe1 and coe2 .Students stay connected with us to get more Anna university update and also you can check the results by this link Anna university engineering results 2017 .The Anna university 8th semester results has been already declared.

Anna university results coe2-Checknow
            Anna university revaluation results-Checknow 
            Anna univ results-Checknow

Anna university results May-June 2017    

Anna university conduct two semester exams per year and the anna univ follows an unique pattern in the examination.The Au affiliated colleges also follow this pattern in their campus.After the completion of the anna university examination the paper correction process takes place.

After the paper correction the controller of examination Anna university will announce a date for publishing the result and this announced date may change due to some reason.Students can check their anna university update information from the www.annauniv.edu.

The result will uploaded on the server of the anna university and students can get their results from the two authenticate portal of anna univ coe1.annauniv.edu and coe2.annauniv.edu.These two portal results are available from here and you can check the result by the above link.

Anna university engineering results UG/PG

The Anna university results for 1st,3rd,5th,7th and 2nd,4th,6th,8th semester result are updated by the anna university.Anna university controller has announce the date of result publishing day. Students can see the results from the below two portal.

#1 Anna university results coe1.annauniv.edu 

  1. Go to the coe1.annauniv.edu
  2. Login in the students login using your register number and dob
  3. You will redirect to your authenticate page
  4. Get the results

#2 Anna university results coe2.annauniv.edu

  1. Copy and paste the url http://coe2.annauniv.edu 
  2. Put your register number and dob
  3. Navigate and grab your results
Anna university results 8th sem 


Anna university controller announce that the result will be publish on the above date and results are updating in process.Anna university 8th sem results can be view from the lastbenches.com and students needs to be alert when the reads about anna university update,some website may show wrong results.

On 9-6-2017

The www.annauniv.edu has announced the result on their official portal coe1.annauniv.edu and coe2.annauniv.edu.Reload the page if it shows any forbidden error and students are requested to wait until the site get completely loaded.Students has an unique login id with the help of their register number and date of birth.

Anna university results coe2-Check now

Normally anna university announce there result on their anna university home portal students can check their result from here and other choice you can check the authenticate portal like coe1 annauniv edu and coe2 annauniv edu.There will be an separate login provided for the students and affiliated anna university institute.

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