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Anna university results -Anna university result App

Anna university results with Anna university results app[coe1,coe2]

Anna university home results  based on the semester examination which is conducted yearly twice by the coe of Anna university.Anna university internal marks results are play a important role to boost up your anna university results cgpa.Before announcing the anna univ results coe of anna university publish the date of the result day and then after the result get published.

Anna university results App

The anna university app was developed based on the android version for the candidates of anna university to check their following anna university updates

                                                              WLX- Anna univerrsity result app 


For the anna univ reuslts please check the below steps

2.paste and Go to this page
3.Download the app and enter your registration number , date of birth
4.Get the results

Anna university results oct-jun 2017 

Anna university results for oct-jun examination is on process,the paper correction has been done successfully.Anna university Students who are all eagerly waiting for the results can check from our lastbenches.com.Anna university degree affiliated college can check the result from here.Feel free to ask any doubts on query about anna university results and also some other technical questions.

Anna university results with coe1.annauniv.edu
Anna university results with coe2.annauniv.edu

Anna university students login is an key portal for the students to check their official results and also anna univ students login provide more information other than the results.Some time the server may slow down in this because anna university server have less capable  of handling high traffic and loads from the user but this problem is overcame by anna university with lastbenches team through  upgrading the server.

Other portal to check the results are coe1.annauniv.edu home students login and also the coe2.annauniv.edu students login this two portal are the authenticate portal of the anna university to check the results in a easy way and also you can check the Anna university internal marks.


                  Anna university results 2017
        Chennai ,Madurai,Trichy,Tirunelveli,Coimbatore of 2017


Anna university engineering results

The anna university results for 8th sem has already announced on 9.6.2017 and students check their on the authenticate portal .This anna university student portal may stuck due to server capability ,so please "Students reload the page you visited and  also need to wait until it get loaded completely"-Anna university.

You can also check the other offical portal of  anna university


After getting the result if you unsatisfied by the anna university results then you need to apply for the anna university revaluation.The anna university revauation has some procedure click the link to get details.
Then wait for the results ,get the direct link of Anna university revaluation results by clicking this link.The result will be an positive one in our experiment.

www.annauniv.edu-Anna university results

S grade- 90-100 marks

A grade-80-90 marks

B grade-70-80 marks

C grade-60-70 marks

D grade-50-60 marks

E grade-40-50 marks

U grade-failed on exam

Anna university is one of the top most indian and tamilnadu university and it follows an semester pattern which is an unique one .The grade system of the anna university has an different grade code each grade has an range of marks.

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