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    **Anna university results 2017 ,Anna university engineering results,Anna university revaluation results,,coe2., School 9 results,anna university counselling,school9 Anna university Anna university Updates | home | results |coe1 coe2 student login results,resuls coe2,,anna university internal marks entry
    [Announcement] Anna university team recommended to checkout the below portal for semester results of UG,PG 2017 and download the results

    KTU E-Governance


    A P J Abdul Kalam Technological University which was constituted  in 2015 has consciously decided to ensure that e-Governance backed by innovation and application of technology will constitute the basis of enabling the functioning of the University. University at that time couldn’t find a suitable or similar IT environment  in other Universities  to emulate and end up venturing  into  its own path of establishing such a system. University has decided to ensure that the solution will be in open source, custom  built, integrated, intelligent and owned by University.

    The  goals  established  for  the  system  was  to  ensure  the  speed  of  service  delivery,  ease  of  use transparency  and  best  use  of  technology.  The  solution was  envisioned with  core  characteristics  like data integration and consistency, scalability and end to end digital data. University was aware that such a system can only evolve through years hence took an  approach of building and enhancing  the system on a step by step basis.

    University could establish portion of e-Governance  system  from day one of University operation and was  able  to  conduct  all ktu  student login  registrations,  examinations,  affiliations  and  all  other  core  activities through  the system. The system has been under addition and enhancements since  then. This system has  helped  the  University  apart  from  bringing  accountability  and  transparency,  some  unique achievements with respect to publishing of examination results. For example, first semester results was published within  31  days  of  completion  of   examination which was  a  record  among  Universities  in Kerala.

    KTU SMART University ecosystem:
    ktu smart university ecosystem

     University  is  in  process  of  establishing  an  integrated  and  intelligent  next  generation  e-Governance ecosystem. Above picture shows the planned environment which is currently under various stages of life cycle.

    All  the  core  applications  and  integrated  file  management  systems  are  already  in  production.  ERP application, development of common framework are in development and/or implementation phases.

    The complete ecosystem  is planned on open source platform and mostly custom built. The University adopted  continuous  e-governance  development  approach  to  ensure  the  activities  are  not  hindered while waiting for full system to be in place.

    e-governance system ktu

     KTU e-governance platform provides unique set of capabilities and features which helps the
    University immensely. Some of the major benefits include :

    • Improve and effective services to all stakeholders, including students, faculty and management. 
    • Transparency and accountability in University functions and decision making .   
    • Rule based information for error free and consistent decisions. 
    • Digital transformation in cash transactions, ktu exam result processing, course handling,   and student life cycle 
    • End to end service maturity resulting in capture and storage of digital data, which could be  used for future decision making and policy formations.  

    At  KTU,  e-governance  is  its  core  foundation  and  forms  the  platform  for  all  its  activities  and  is recognized as one of its major strengths. 

    ktu ecosystem

    Each University stakeholders have their own unique secure access. System can be accessed through the web portal, call center or email. 

    System  call  center  provides  key  interface  for  stakeholders  to  address  system  related  issues  on  a timely fashion.

    University has established  separate production and user acceptance testing environment. This has
    helped  to  segregate development ecosystem  from production which has  in  turn helped  to ensure
    confidentiality of production environment and its information.

    Close working of operation support, software development and system management groups ensure
    time bound software enhancement mechanism. This  forms  the base  for maintaining the vitality of
    the system on continuous fashion.

    automated file flow system
    Automated  file  flow  system  helps  to  establish  a  paperless  office  in  all  file  handling  activities.

    University has  established  automated  file  flow  system  from  its  initial  days  of  operation  itself  so that all files in University remains digital. 

    The file flow system hosted  in State Data Centre  is accessible over  internet and  is available for all
    University officials. All  correspondences will be  scanned and uploaded  to  the  system. Routing of
    files are done automatically.

    System has helped to ensure faster decision making, accountability of any document uploaded to
    the system and faster internal circulation within the system . This helps to ensure that all the files
    are trackable with relative easiness. All file activities are recorded through the  log facility and this
    can be audited.

    All order or documents generated by the system contains unique order number as well as 2D bar
    IQR code. This helps the faster recovery of documents.

    The system also has meeting management module which helps to organize meeting at University
    level and record minutes which remains accessible forever .


    Affiliation Module automates the full affiliation process of colleges with University.

    Affiliation application  :  Interested colleges,  can  submit completed affiliation application along with all  required   documents  through  e-Governance  portal which  is  accessible  over  internet.   Colleges have provision to submit necessary fees through this portal.

    Expert visiting Committee(EVC) management : System  automatically generate report as required by
    EVC based on documents and information submitted by Colleges through online application.

    Schedules EVC  visit and  results will be uploaded  to  the  system. This along with AICTE  information and other required information forms basis for University to make decision on affiliation application. Once decision is made, the result will be available on e-Governance portal under concerned college login for their access.

    Affiliation renewal process also forms part of affiliation module and works completely automated.

    ktu student module

    academic module

    Academic auditing
    Examination module

    Highlights :  
    • Time tested, secure and effective online question paper module.  
    • Examination conduct module handles conducting of exam and distribution of answer sheets to valuation camps in effective manner.  
    •  Fully automated result processing module which ensures faster and reliable results  

    examination module
    examination module
    ktu malpractice reporting
    research module

     An online system for appointment of thesis examiners, thesis evaluation, appointment of viva-voce examiners and result publishing reduces the time gap between the processes, thus completes the
    academic process on time.

    ktu server handling view

    Server Handling View :

    University’s server management had clearly separated access of development team from production
    environment. Production access is limited only to the University officials.

    All the production servers including e-governance application, file flow application, web servers and
    UAT Servers are hosted  in State Data Centre(SDC) of Kerala  IT mission. All server requirements are met  through  state data  center  cloud  server  services.  This helps  the University  to provide  a highly secured and  protected server environment.

    University  doesn’t  posses  any  physical  server  in  its  premises.  This  provides  huge  cost  saving  by avoiding procurement of server hardware, running cost and its maintenance.

    The Disaster Recovery (DR) server ensures zero downtime during any unforeseen disaster situations.
    Disaster Recovery (DR) environment of the University is at NIC Data Centre under the Department of  IT, Government of India.

    IT Operations Environment :
    ktu IT operation managment

     IT support and operational teams form core pillars for sustaining the functional flow and addressing
    various grievances of stakeholders. The team operated from University premise is accessible through
    various channels by stakeholders. Once a problem is reported, the team does initial assessment and
    assign  the  issue either  to  the concerned University department official or  to  the  technical support
    team  for  technical  investigation.  After  analysis,  its  is  ensured  that  the  concerned  stakeholder  is properly updated with status or outcome of the issue/concern.

    University  is  in  the process of  implementing advanced  Interactive Voice Response(IVR)  technology supported  with  automated  issue  tracking  system  enabling  the  stakeholders  to  reach  out  to  the University  IT  support  team.  Both  these  technologies  enable  University  to  record  and  track  the concerns  of  stakeholders.  This will  ensure  timely  updates  and  leads  to  accurate  resolution  of  the issues  raised  by  the  stakeholders.   This  also  helps  the  University  to  analyze  the  issues  more  accurately . Any trends and larger issues which can be understood by analyzing the reports will help University to address them more systematically.

     Achievements of e-governance system :
     Achievements of e-governance system
     Technology enabled Lean University 

         Effective use of technology and consistent perseverance to limit resource leakage has helped KTU to create an effective and resilient environment.  The result are very productive and cost effective:

    Highlights  : 

    •   Lean office with much less number( fraction of conventional universities of officers compared  to   traditional University 
    •  Consistently improving record on ensuring time bound completion of University activities 
    •  Much improved quality record compared to others 
    •  Maintaining  and  enhancing  complex  e-Governance  eco  system  using  zero  hardware     procurement and using Kerala State IT Mission cloud services.  
    •  Continuous effort to improve the system to stay ahead of curve 

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