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    [Announcement]Anna university team recommended to checkout the below portal for semester results of UG,PG 2017 and download the results

    Anna university home ,coe1 aucoe annauniv edu

    Anna university,coe1 annauniv edu coe2 annauniv edu www.annauniv.edu


    Welcome to the Anna university advanced portal(www.annauniv.edu,coe1 annauniv edu,coe2 annauniv edu) of anna university,which provides more quality update then the other portal and one of the most user friendly site that user need.We are the branches of coe1.annauniv.edu and coe2.annauniv.edu and also annauniv.edu .Our portal covers all the updates of anna university and victim can  check their  results ,internal marks,CGPA calculation . AU updates direct link is available here this helps the user to access to the correct page they need .Our site is anna Anna university authorized portal and the result links declared here are directly connected to the anna university database.Using this portal you can apply for the application of Anna University to join in this campus by login into anna university results lastbenches.com .

    Anna university result link

     Anna university results for 2nd ,4th,6th,8th Semester-Check now

    Anna university revaluation results-Check now

    Anna university 1st,3rd,5th,7th-Check now 

    Coe1 annauniv edu-Check now

    Anna university revaluation procedure-Check now

    Internal assessment details-Check now

    Anna University an type of affiliated which is a Association member of Universities,also in Commonwealth Universities Association and  UNESCO international Center for Engineering Education (UICEE) partner .In 2002 UGC accredited highest ranking to the Anna university. Anna university proven their capability both in academics and  research areas,because of this they recieve the excellence Technical institute award for five year.

        *****Anna university branch portal [lastbenches.com]*****

           Anna university results of UG,PG of 2017 Get Updated

    Portal we used here are connected with us this makes our students to look up and update the information became so easy




      One of the best "user friendly portal" suggested by coe1,coe2 so that anna university recommended to view this port which is only for anna university examination purpose.Our lastbenches.com are ready to improve our site which depends you my students.
     Easy way for Students  to check results of UG,PG by Anna univ team

    Students login direct update link is available here,most of the student annoyed by tons of link available in many sites of au results but you cant get the right one.We planned that to avoid those website that irritate you , using  some algorithm by making our site on top of google.So,my dear students as per anna university term to avoid those unwanted links share this links to get the direct results(if you have any alteration please comment below) .

    Do you known?

                                A short code will appear in every results  of a student most of you don't have an idea about this but each short code contain a meaning full  sentence which is important to known that what your result represents.For students clarification  this short code implemented to realize your mistakes done in examination or before examination.If you see the below abbreviation  then you can known the quality of your result.

    WHI-Withheld for want of Internal Mark

    WHE-Withheld for want of Pratical Mark

    WHB-Withheld for want of Internal Mark and Pratical Mark

    WH1-Withheld for suspected Malpractice

    WH2-Withheld for want of approval of admission/re-admission/transfer from DTE & Director,Student Affairs 

    WH3-Withheld-Court Case

    WH4-Withheld for want of clearance from Director(CEP)

    WH5-Withheld for want of clearance from Director(Student Affairs)

    WH6-Withheld for want of clarification

    WH7-Withheld for want of clarification from the Director(AC) about the additional  subject to be written due to the change of regulation 

    WH8-Withheld for want of clarification from the Director(AC) about the equivalency of subjects for the students admitted in 5th and 6th semester

    WH9-Withheld for want of clarification from Director,Chairman sports board

    WH10-Withheld for non cooperation by the college in central valuation 

    WH11-Results will be published along with the lower semesters results

    WH12-Hard copy of Attendance sheets not provided by the College


    SE-Sports Exemption


    SA-Shortage of Attendance 




    NR-Not Registered

    Anna university Server

                          Our university uses Rail Wire government hosting server.This server doesn't have that much of efficiency which means it can't handle high amount of traffic from different places.And also this server handle minimum loads like request by the client to get result.
                                     When our Anna university publish the results then most of you people visit our site to get results due to this reason the traffic and the load get increased simultaneously which reflects the server get slow.
                                     Rail Wire server Ram capacity is less and so that we recommend Anna university to go with cloud hosting and also we executed a plan to create a new fast website known as "lastbenches.com" .

    About Anna university:
    Anna university is the leading engineering and technical education university in india. It follows a semester pattern .Examination are conducted twice a year.The B.E and B.Tech results of 2017 will be announced for the two sets of examinations which will be conducted in 2017.

    Our university has a unique fee structure which can be classified depends upon counselling and management quota and we are providing the internal marks based on the students performance and from here you can download the timetable for your examination.The online study materials are available in the popular site such as renjinpaul and mykalvi.They are providing  e-books and Pdf file which include important questions and keys.

     The major  course which are conducted by Anna University include popular stream such as Mechanical Engineering,Civil Engineering,Electrical Engineering,Computer Science Engineering ,Aeronautical Engineering,Ocean Engineering ,Electronics and Communication Engineering.This courses are typically for four years duration which means that the students have exams for 8 semester (one exam for each semester) during their course.Other then this course there 75+ course are available in anna university .After the completion of the degree a certificate will be provided by the anna university. 

     Anna university results of 2017 will be announced for students who are enrolled under the courses and the university publish the result in online ,candidates can download the results by  some process in the portal coe1 and coe2 .
    Anna university Addresses:

                           The candidate of anna university  view this given address below to reach our university ,use this address when you need a direct contact with our anna university team.We update the address if any changes are made and below one is our standard address of many branch of anna university.You can post to us using this information and we reply if your post contain a quality content .

      Chennai : Sardar Patel Road,Guindy, Chennai,TamilNadu 600025             
      Coimbatore: Kanuvai Rd, Somayampalayam, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641108

      Madurai:Kanyakumari National Highway, Keelakuilkudi, Madurai,Tamil Nadu  625001                                                                                                                                                                                
      Trichy:BIT Campus,620024,Mandaiyur, Tamil Nadu 620024



    Contact number of Anna university

              Here we provide all the contact details in terms of zone and we covered all the zone colleges over tamilnadu this contact will be useful for you my candidate to collect more details about results ,counselling and much more important information from a qualified member of anna university.lastbenches.com  is one among them and this contact details are under the maintenance of anna university.Source : www.annauniv.edu


    Here we are dealing with the anna university updates and our site is one of the leading site in the anna university to offer the best results .lastbenches.com  is an most user friendly website and we deals with the following things
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