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    Anna university results 2017 Nov/Dec 2017 , results 2017 , annaunivedu results,, Anna university updates, Anna university Revaluation results Nov Dec Update, au revaluation results coe check now

    Anna University results @ portal lastbenchesLATEST UPDATES Anna university revaluation results results coe2 aucoe oct nov dec 2017 2018 :: Anna university Home Notifications :: Anna univeristy results @ :: :: view Anna university results with out DOB1 || Anna university affiliated colleges updates 2016
    **Anna university results 2017 ,Anna university engineering results,Anna university revaluation results,,coe2., School 9 results,anna university counselling,school9 Anna university results*** Anna university Updates | home | results |coe1 coe2 student login results,resuls coe2,,anna university internal marks entry Latest Anna university,,, Portal 2017 Anna university results 2017, Anna University Engineering Results 2017,,, annauniv edu results 2017.

    **Anna university results 2017 ,Anna university engineering results,Anna university revaluation results,,coe2., School 9 results,anna university counselling,school9 Anna university Anna university Updates | home | results |coe1 coe2 student login results,resuls coe2,,anna university internal marks entry
    [Announcement] Anna university team recommended to checkout the below portal for semester results of UG,PG 2017 and download the results

    subjects code for cse,eee,ece,mech,aero,mba,it,civil department-Anna university

    Anna university results Subject codes for all semesters and departments 

    The anna university all semesters  subject codes are available in  with subject code.Anna university examination are got over and every one waiting for the anna university results date.And when the results are get publish then the site coe1 or coe2 portal shows only the subject code in the students login.This will annoyed the students to know what subject is this and we got lots of complaint on this queries last time anna univ exam results.

    Get the anna university results from here-check now

    Students login like coe1 coe2 students login are used to check the anna university results for all the semesters and students can also check their anna university internal marks entry links.
    This all the anna university students corner are the authenticate portal of au which is used by the affiliated college of anna univ.

    1. MG2452 Engineering Economics and Financial Accounting
    2. CS2351 Artificial Intelligence
    3. HS2161 Technical English - II
    4. IT2353 Web Technology
    5. CS2301 Software Engineering
    6. GE2021 Environmental Science and Engineering
    7. EE2303 Transmission and Distribution
    8. EE2353 High Voltage Engineering
    9. MG2351 Principles of Management
    10. EE2252 Power Plant Engineering
    11. EC2311 Communication Engineering
    12. EC1252 Signals and Systems
    13. MA1011 Numerical Methods
    14. CS1005 Advanced JAVA Programming
    15. EC1302 Digital Signal Processing
    16. IT1201 Signals And Systems
    17. CS1352 Principles of Compiler Design
    18. CS1402 Object Oriented Analysis and Design
    19. CS1251 Computer Architecture
    20. MG1452 Engineering Economics and Cost Analysis
    21. MA1259 Probability and Statistics
    22. EE1001 Special Electrical Machines
    23. ME1351 Heat and Mass Transfer
    24. ME2253 Engineering Materials and Metallurgy
    25. MA2266 Statistics and Numerical Methods
    26. CS2312 Object Oriented Programming Laboratory
    27. EC2203 Digital Electronics
    28. EC2304 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
    29. IT2401 Service Oriented Architecture
    30. CS2307 Network Lab

    31. EC2356 Computer Networks Lab
    32. EE2258 Linear and Digital Integrated Circuits Laboratory
    33. ME2256 Strength of Materials Lab
    34. MC9252 Software Project Management
    35. MC9254 Middleware Technology Lab
    36. MC9277 Software Quality Management
    37. MC1801 XML and Web Services
    38. CS2041 C# and .NET Framework
    39. CS2204 Analog and Digital Communication
    40. CS2254 Operating Systems
    41. CS2303 Theory of Computation
    42. EE2355 Design of Electrical Machines
    43. EI2404 Fibre Optics and Laser Instruments
    44. EE2356 Microprocessor and Micro controller Laboratory
    45. CY2111 Engineering Chemistry - I
    46. EE1291 Electrical Engineering and Control Systems
    47. EC1203 Electronic Circuits - I
    48. EC1351 Digital Communication
    49 EC1304 Control Systems
    50. GE1151 Engineering Mechanics
    51. CS1010 C# and .NET Framework
    52. CS1401 Internet Programming
    53. EC1009 Digital Image Processing
    54. EC1301 Communication Theory
    55. CE1262 Strength of Materials
    56. GE1X01 Engineering Graphics
    57. ME1015 Production Planning and Control
    58. ME1251 Thermal Engineering
    59. ME1252 Kinematics of Machinery
    60. ME1403 Computer Integrated Manufacturing
    61. MA1151 Mathematics - II
    62. EC1451A Mobile Communication
    63. EE1401 Power System Operation and Control
    64. EE1X01 Electric Circuit Analysis
    65. EE1351 Solid State Drives
    66. EE1402 High Voltage Engineering
    67. EC1253 Electromagnetic Fields
    68. EE1211 Electrical Machines
    69. IT2301 Java Programming
    70. IT2202 Principles of Communication
    71. IT2251 Software Engineering and Quality Assurance
    72. ME2027 Process Planning & Cost Estimation
    73. ME2303 Design of Machine Elements
    74.. ME2401 Mechatronics
    75 ME2403 Power Plant Engineering
    76. ME2203 Kinematics of Machinery
    77. GE2211 Environmental Science and Engineering
    78. EE2257 Control Systems Laboratory
    79. ME2026 Unconventional Machining Processes
    80. EE2201 Measurements and Instrumentation
    81. EC2205 Electronic Circuits - I
    82. EC2301 Digital Communication
    83. ME2308 Metrology and Measurements Laboratory
    84. ME2257 Computer Aided Machine Drawing Laboratory
    85. MC9255 Software Development Lab
    86. BA9207 Legal Aspects of Business
    87. MC9213 Database Management Systems
    88. IT2024 User Interface Design
    89. CS2202 Digital Principles and Systems Design
    90. EE2255 Digital Logic Circuits
    91. EE2405 Comprehension
    92. CS1202 Digital Principles And Systems Design
    93. EC1201 Digital Electronics
    94. ME1401 Introduction of Finite Element Analysis
    95. CS1302 Computer Networks
    96. PH1157 Physics-II
    97. MA1X01 Engineering Mathematics - I
    98. EC1006 Medical Electronics
    99. ME1020 Entrepreneurship Development
    100. ME1202 Fluid Mechanics and Machinery
    101. MG1401 Total Quality Management
    102. IT1251 Information Coding Techniques
    103. IT1353 Embedded Systems
    104. CS1261 Object Oriented Programming
    105. EC1312 Digital Logic Circuits
    106.. IC1251 Control Systems
    107. ME2404 Computer Aided Simulation and Analysis Laboratory
    108. ME2405 Mechatronics Lab
    109. ME2301 Thermal Engineering

    110. ME2353 Finite Element Analysis
    111. EE2304 Power Electronics Laboratory
    112. ME2205 Electrical Drives and Controls
    113. EC2308 Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab
    114. EC2251 Electronics Circuits II
    115. IT2032 Software Testing
    116. IT2352 Cryptography and Network Security
    117. EC2401 Wireless Communication
    118. ME2306 Thermal Engineering Laboratory - I
    119. MC9215 Accounting and Financial Management
    120. BA9202 Economic Analysis for Business
    121. BA9268 Strategic Human Resource Management and Development
    122. BA9210 Strategic Management
    123. BA9227 Business Research Methods
    124. BA9221 Operations Management
    125. BA9258 Merchant Banking and Financial Services
    126. BA9270 E-Commerce Technology and Management
    127. BA1601 Statistics for Management
    128. BA1732 Derivatives Management
    129. CS2405 Computer Graphics Lab
    130. CS2252 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
    131. CS2354 Advanced Computer Architecture
    132. CS2201 Data Structures
    133. CS2251 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
    134. CY2161 Engineering Chemistry - II
    135. EE2202 Electromagnetic Theory
    136. EE2302 Electrical Machines II
    137. EI2311 Biomedical Instrumentation
    138. EC1461 VLSI Design
    139. EC1254 Linear Integrated Circuits
    140. MA1254 Random Processes
    141. EC1151 Circuit Analysis
    142. EC1015 Satellite Communication
    143. CS1204 Object Oriented Programming
    144. CS1301 Database Management Systems
    145. IT1002 Information System Design
    146. IT1402 Mobile Computing
    147. IT1012 Grid Computing
    148. CY1X01 Engineering Chemistry
    149. ME1201 Engineering Thermodynamics
    150. ME1302 Design of Machine Elements

    151. ME1352 Design of Transmission Systems
    152. ME1353 Automobile Engineering
    153. MG1351 Principles of Management
    154. IC1403 Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic Control
    155. EE1352 Power System Analysis
    156. EI1361 Measurements and Instrumentation
    157. CS1211 Data Structures And Algorithms
    158. EE1202 Electrical Machines - I
    159. MH1151 Engineering Materials and Metallurgy
    160. GE2111 Engineering Graphics
    161. CS2353 Object Oriented Analysis and Design
    162. GE2321 Communication Skills Laboratory
    163. ME2302 Dynamics of Machinery
    164. ME2202 Engineering Thermodynamics
    165. ME2351 Gas Dynamics & Jet Propulsion
    166. ME2252 Manufacturing Technology - II
    167. EC2252 Communication Theory
    168. EC2302 Digital Signal Processing
    169. MA2261 Probability and Random Processes
    170. IT2351 Network Programming and Management
    171 EC2404 Electronics System Design Lab
    172. EC2405 Optical & Microwave Lab
    173. EC2352 Computer Networks
    174. CS2309 Java Lab
    175. EC2357 VLSI Design Lab
    176.. ME2207 Manufacturing Technology Lab - I
    177 MC9251 Middleware Technologies
    178. MC9241 Network Programming
    179. BA9201 Statistics for Management
    180. BA9226 Applied Operations Research for Management
    181. BA1603 Applied Operations Research for Management
    182. BA1728 Merchant Banking and Financial Services
    183. MC9235 Web Programming
    184. GE2022 Total Quality Management
    185. MA2211 Transforms and Partial Differential Equations
    186. CS2255 Database Management Systems
    187. CS2305 Programming Paradigms
    188. CS2352 Principles of Compiler Design
    189. EE2404 Power System Simulation Laboratory
    190. EE2253 Control Systems

    191. MA040 Probability and Queueing Theory
    192. CS1253 Visual Programming
    193 EC1291 Analog and Digital Communication
    194. EC1352 Antenna and Wave Propagation
    195. EC1403 Microwave Engineering
    196. IT1401 Component Based Technology
    197. CS1303 Theory of Computation
    198. EC1X11 Electron Devices and Circuits
    199. IT1352 Cryptography and Network Security
    200. CS1252 Operating Systems
    201. ME1354 Power Plant Engineering
    202 ME1402 Mechatronics
    203. CS1354 Graphics and Multimedia
    204. EC1362 Microprocessor and Microcontroller
    205. EI1351 Bio-Medical Instrumentation
    206. EC1255 Measurements and Instrumentation
    207. HS1X01 Technical English
    208. IT1006 Enterprise Resource Planning
    209. CS2308 System Software Lab
    210. IT2302 Information Theory and Coding
    211. IT2305 Java Programming Lab
    212. ME2028 Robotics
    213. ME2204 Fluid Mechanics and Machinery
    214 PH2111 Engineering Physics - I
    215. GE2151 Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering
    216. ME2251 Heat and Mass Transfer
    217. EC2305 Transmission Lines and Wave Guides
    218. EC2306 Digital Signal Processing Lab
    219. EC2254 Linear Integrated Circuits
    220. CS2259 Microprocessors Lab

    221. EC2027 Advanced Microprocessors
    222. ME2201 Manufacturing Technology - I
    223. ME2258 Manufacturing Technology Lab - II
    224. MC9242 Resource Management Techniques
    225. BA9271 Enterprise Resources Planning
    226. MC1651 Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
    227 MC1851 Project Work
    228. BA1652 Financial Management
    229. BA1701 International Business Management
    230. BA1702 Strategic Management
    231. CS2402 Mobile and Pervasive Computing
    232. CS2406 Open Source Lab
    233 MA2161 Mathematics - II
    234. GE2112 Fundamentals of Computing and Programming
    235. CS2411 Operating Systems
    236. EE2352 Solid State Drives
    237. EE2351 Power System Analysis
    238. GE2152 Basic Civil & Mechanical Engineering
    239. MA2264 Numerical Methods
    240 EE2204 Data Structures and Algorithms
    241. MA231 Mathematics - III
    242. MA1201 Mathematics - III
    243. EC1451 Mobile Communication
    244. CS1151 Data Structures
    245. EC1001 Advanced Microprocessor
    246 EC1305 Transmission Lines and Waveguides
    247. CY1201 Environmental Science and Engineering
    248. EE1X02 Basic ELectrical and Electronics Engg
    249. ME1206 Applied Engineering Mechanics
    250. PH1154 Physics - II
    251. EC1008 High Speed Networks
    252. EC1313 Linear Integrated Circuits
    253. EE1451 Electric Energy Generation, Utilization and Conservation
    254. EE1201 Electromagnetic Theory
    255. ME2304 Engineering Metrology and Measurements
    256. EE2305 Electrical Machines Lab II
    257. EE2203 Electronic Devices and Circuits
    258. ME2309 CAD / CAM Laboratory
    259. EC2253 Electromagnetic Fields
    260. EC2259 Electrical Engineering and Control System Lab
    261. EC2202 Data Structures and Object Oriented Programming in C++
    262. EC2403 RF and Microwave Engineering
    263. EC2354 VLSI Design
    264. EC2353 Antenna and Wave Propagation
    265. EC2021 Medical Electronics
    266. MC9285 Enterprise Resource Planning
    267. MC9243 Visual Programming
    268. BA9266 Industrial Relations and Labour Welfare
    269. BA9203 Total Quality Management
    270. MC1754 Middle-Ware Technologies
    271 MC1652 Object Oriented Programming
    272. CS2203 Object Oriented Programming
    273. MA2111 Mathematics - I
    274. EC2151 Electric Circuits and Electron Devices
    275. PH2161 Engineering Physics - II
    276. EC2314 Digital Signal Processing
    277. EE2251 Electrical Machines - I
    278. EE2301 Power Electronics
    279. EE2401 Power System Operation and Control
    280. CS2363 Computer Networks
    281. EE2151 Circuit Theory
    282 EE2354 Microprocessors and Microcontroller
    283. MA034 Random Processes 
    284. IT1252 Digital Signal Processing
    285. MA1252 Probability and Queuing Theory
    286. CS1201 Design And Analysis Of Algorithms
    287. MA1251 Numerical Methods
    288. EC1361 Digital Signal Processing
    289. EC1401 VLSI Design
    290. MA1253 Probability and Statistics
    291. CS1203 System Software
    292. CS1304 Microprocessors and Micro Controllers
    293. CS1353 Software Engineering
    294. PH1X01 Engineering Physics
    295. EE1X11 Electrical Engineering
    296. CS1020 Software Quality Management
    297. GE1X02 Computer Programming
    298. EE1213 Electrical Drives And Controls
    299 ME1301 Dynamics of Machinery
    300. ME1303 Gas Dynamics and Jet Propulsion

    301. EE1006 Operations Research
    302. EE1251 Electrical Machines - II
    303. EC1X01 Electron Devices
    304. EC1264 Electronics and Microprocessors
    305 ME1001 Unconventional Machining Processes
    306. IT1451 Web Technology
    307. CS2304 System Software
    308. IT2201 Data Structures and Algorithms
    309. ME2254 Strength of Materials
    310. ME2352 Design of Transmission Systems
    311. ME2305 Applied Hydraulics and Pneumatics
    312. EE2259 Electrical Machines Laboratory - I
    313. ME2255 Electronics and Microprocessors
    314. ME2355 Thermal Engineering Laboratory II
    315. EC2204 Signals and Systems
    316. IT2041 Enterprise Resource Planning
    317. IT2402 Mobile Communication
    318. IT2403 Software Project Management
    319. IT2406 Service Oriented Architecture Lab
    320. EC2029 Digital Image Processing
    321 EC2035 Cryptography and Network Security
    322. EC2402 Optical Communication and Networking
    323. MC9283 Mobile Computing
    324. MC9231 Computer Networks
    325. MA9221 Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
    326. MC9233 Software Engineering
    327. BA9261 Derivatives Management
    328. MC1753 Object Oriented Analysis and Design
    329. MC9222 Object Oriented Programming
    330.. CS2401 Computer Graphics
    331 CS2403 Digital Signal Processing
    332. MA2262 Probability and Queueing Theory
    333. MA2265 Discrete Mathematics
    334. CS2253 Computer Organization and Architecture
    335. CS2302 Computer Networks
    336. CS2311 Object Oriented Programming
    337. EE2254 Linear Integrated Circuits and Applications
    338. EE2402 Protection & Switchgear
    339. EE2403 Special Electrical Machines
    340. CS1351 Artificial Intelligence

    341. MA1256 Discrete Mathematics
    342. EC1402 Optical Communication
    343 CS1004 Data Warehousing and Mining
    344. EC1303 Microprocessors and Its Applications
    345. ME1009 Design of Jigs, Fixtures and Press Tools
    346. ME1305 Applied Hydroaulics and Pneumatics
    347. IT1351 Network Programming and Management
    348 ME1211 Applied Thermodynamics
    349. EE1403 Design of Electrical Apparatus
    350. EE1252 Transmission and Distribution
    351. EC1014 Telecommunication Switching and Networks
    352. EC1251 Electronic Circuits II
    353. ME1304 Engineering Metrology and Measurements
    354. CS2029 Advanced Database Technology
    355. ME2402 Computer Integrated Manufacturing
    356. ME2151 Engineering Mechanics
    357. ME2354 Automobile Engineering
    358. EC2255 Control Systems
    359. EC2303 Computer Architecture and Organization
    360. EC2307 Communication Systems Lab
    361. EC2201 Electrical Engineering
    362. IT2354 Embedded Systems
    363. EC2351 Measurements and Instrumentation
    364. ME2307 Dynamics Laboratory
    365. MC9244 Object Oriented Analysis and Design
    366. MC9271 Electronic Commerce
    367. BA9204 Organizational Behaviour
    368. BA9224 Human Resource Management
    369. BA9222 Financial Management
    370. BA9269 Database Management System
    371. BA9264 Entrepreneurship Development
    372. BA9209 International Business Management
    373. MC1628 TCP/IP Protocol Suite
    374. MC1654 Database Management Systems

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