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    Anna University results @ portal lastbenchesLATEST UPDATES Anna university revaluation results results coe2 aucoe oct nov dec 2017 2018 :: Anna university Home Notifications :: Anna univeristy results @ :: :: view Anna university results with out DOB1 || Anna university affiliated colleges updates 2016
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    **Anna university results 2017 ,Anna university engineering results,Anna university revaluation results,,coe2., School 9 results,anna university counselling,school9 Anna university Anna university Updates | home | results |coe1 coe2 student login results,resuls coe2,,anna university internal marks entry
    [Announcement] Anna university team recommended to checkout the below portal for semester results of UG,PG 2017 and download the results

    Why Ktu ? for all students

     The Why KTU? APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University (KTU) welcomes you to its fold where you plan to do your B.Tech degree in the branch of specialization to which you have been admitted. KTU has prepared its outcome based curriculum for all courses which gives emphasis on experiential learning for the organic growth of the students and meeting the requirements of the industry. Several new courses have been introduced to make the curriculum acceptable internationally. Several initiatives viz. introduction of B.Tech (Honours), student activity point system, entrepreneurship and similar subjects as minor, etc. were introduced to facilitate students to excel the students in curricular and co-curricular activities and to enable him to be job provider than a job seeker. Live the life together @ KTU Academics, Research & Entrepreneurship What is NEW with KTU?  Knowledge based, Project based and Experiential learning  New courses on Design Engineering, Sustainable Engineering, Life Skills, Business Economics, and Design Project for all branches.  Open book examination in certain courses  Fast Publication of results of examinations  Supplementary examinations before the commencement of the odd semester  Summer courses and contact courses for failed students to earn minimum credits without losing an academic year  Academic calendar for curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and vacation for doing INTERNSHIP  Provision for remedial/bridge courses/ Language Lab, micro projects etc. in the curriculum  Facility for Break of study to initiate start-up venture or product development  Option for meritorious students to acquire B.TECH (HONOURS) and B.TECH WITH MINOR  Academic Auditing to monitor teaching-learning process  Committees for ensuring academic discipline & students’ welfare and for addressing students’ grievances  Credit transfer facility from other University/Academic Institution  Inter college transfer facility after completing the first two semesters and Branch change facility after passing the first two semesters APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, INDIA @KTU Be a change ! For Academic Calendar for 2016-17: Technical Support for E-Governance Student Portal Just mail to In case of any ragging incidents immediately reach KTU through Read more from KTU Handbook and Visit The first point of contact of a student is his STAFF ADVISOR Students should have 75% attendance in the course, Internal Assessment marks should be 45% or more to become ELIGIBLE TO WRITE the end semester examination. The minimum mark required to earn credit in the end semester exam is 45% The students who have failed in any course due to lack of eligibility can register for SUMMER COURSES provided the attendance in regular course is above 50% and Internal Assessment marks were more than or equal to 35%. KTU has introduced activity points to be earned by the students during their academic stay at the University covering extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. All students have to earn a minimum of 100 ACTIVITY POINTS from various activity segments. The students may carry out INTERNSHIP or training in industries during the semester breaks. The students along with the faculty can identify nearby industries or work sites to undergo training. The internship activities will help students to improve their skills. Students who want to initiate a START-UP venture or entrepreneurial activity, have to submit a project report, indicating the purpose, action plan, technical details, funding details and future plans to the college Principal to avail one year BREAK OF STUDY. E-governance platform of KTU helps students to obtain information relating to academics, examination etc. The curriculum of any branch of the B.Tech programme is designed to have a minimum of 180 academic credits and 2 additional pass/fail credits, for the award of the degree. A student has to earn a MINIMUM 35 CREDITS out of 47 credits at the end of second semester to be eligible to register for the courses offered in the third semester.

    Also Check:Ktu Student login for the ktu results , download every update like syllabus of s1,s2,s3,s4,s5,s6 for all the departments in which this need  login into the ktu login with the help of  user register number and your password.
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